Happily Grim Update!

Life has been incredibly interesting for us over the last year. God has blessed us immensely and we’re settling into our new routine as a family of 6 with two sets of twins under 5!!

Our family is finally complete!

Since I last shared on here, I underwent a FET cycle (Frozen Embryo Transfer – more on that later) and we successfully became pregnant with wonderful and beautiful twin girls who are the perfect completion to our family. God knew just what we needed and we couldn’t have built our family any better. He far exceeded our wildest expectations or dreams. It was a bit of a rough journey, but I would seriously do every single bit of it again to end up where we are.

In July we finally welcomed our hero HOME SAFE from his latest combat deployment. The deployment with all of the craziness of the world, as well as a twin pregnancy for me, was definitely a period of growth for our entire family.

Elliana Raegan and Ensley Raechel were on in October, 6 weeks earlier than their scheduled due date. I’ll be sharing more on their birth story as well. Our warrior girls spent 15 days in the NICU before we were finally able to bring them home with us. It was one of the hardest periods of our time for our family and i’m still processing everything that happened.

Logan & Emma are in their second year of homeschool (Pre-K). We’ve had a lot of fun with it, but I’m learning to show myself and them a bit of grace as we adapt to having two infants added to our daily crew.

So, there you have it. Thanks for sticking with us, and stay tuned to hear more about these crazy adventures and how we’re adapting to our journey. My goal is to document more of our life experiences as we go…as life permits! 😉


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