This is Us

Hey guys!! My name is Melissa: Army Wife, Boston Terrier “mom”, Security Consultant, and Spartan. I have a BS in Criminal Justice from Liberty University (GO FLAMES!) and am currently working on my MA in Counseling and Military Resiliency.  I was raised as an Army Brat by two soldiers (although Mom got out before I was born) and was blessed to live in 2 countries and many states.  I am “obsessively Patriotic” as some people tell me, but I truly believe we live in the best nation on earth and i’m proud to have made a small contribution to that!

My husband is in Aviation and I couldn’t be more proud of what he’s already done in his career and i’m excited to see what is in store for his future.  He is an extreme sports nut and loves snowboarding, motocross, skydiving, skateboarding, riding his motorcycle and just about everything else he can get his hands on. We’ve even become passionate obstacle racers (SPARTANS – AROO!). He joined the Army to travel the world and we’re finally getting that chance!

Our Love Story:
Ryan and I met a long time ago and we both liked each other but never made a move.  After several years of facebook stalking he finally gave me his number while he was at JRTC for his first deployment to Afghanistan. We started dating but wanted to take it slow and not rush things with his deployment coming up.  We fell in love while he was deployed and did lots of devotionals while really getting to know each other over Skype and through letters, phone calls (short as they were), and care packages. I took a job temporarily in Miami and over his R&R he proposed to me at sunrise on South Beach during a photo shoot! He came home from Afghanistan at the end of 2012 and we tied the knot the following March.

I started this blog to get my thoughts and feelings out while he was on his first deployment and we were dating/engaged, but it has been an outlet for everything that comes up in our life together.  With a life in the military and beating infertility, and now parenting twins…there are a lot of thoughts to filter through.  Hopefully i’ll help some others along their own journeys. Since our TEAM GRIM has finally doubled as we added our twins in August 2016. 🙂

Time to hold on for an even crazier ride.  Enjoying every moment of “Embracing Our Journey as One”! Jeremiah 29:11

~Mrs. Melissa Grim


Our engagement was so special we were featured on Florida’s wedding website!


Here is the link to our wedding website on the Knot.  We had a great time planning and solidifying our wedding.  We were so thankful that so many of our friends and family were there to witness us becoming one.  Enjoy!!

The Barrington House, Dunn, NC

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